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Membership of The Clumber Spaniel Gundog is open to anyone training and working a Clumber or any minority breed spaniel as a gundog. You will be passionate about furthering the prospects of these spaniels as respected workers, whilst retaining the individualism of the breed.

A major part of our strategy is to work with knowledgeable spaniel people, probably in the more mainline breeds, but able and willing to help us reach for excellence. Our breeding and training practices reflect this aim.

If that sounds interesting to you, apply to join us by downloading and returning the application form to our Secretary Vicky Parker

Subscriptions are a single rate of £20 per person per year. Payment details are on the application form.

It is essential that we restrict membership to those who are demonstrably signed up to our working aims so acceptance cannot be guaranteed. We will however help those genuinely interested into membership.

Our focus and aims are highly targeted. Our whole purpose is to improve the dogs and handlers. We offer quality training and development opportunities and support for handlers and their gundogs. This is through events and competition in a friendly and supportive environment.


Join us if you would benefit.

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