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The Clumber Spaniel Gundog Club sees the opportunity, in fact the responsibility, to lead the way in continued improvement and ever higher expectations of Clumbers and other minority breed spaniels.

We say it is time to take advantage of hugely increased interest from trainers and handlers whose natural home has been outside of Clumbers.

The Parkforth Kennel duo of Gino and Elvis (pictured right) made jaws drop at their demonstration in the International ring at The Game Fair 2022. People who had been toying with the thought of training and handling a Clumber were spurred on with what they saw! 



The breed is thankful for the bold and generous involvement of KC Panel judges Roy Ellershaw (pictured right)  Paul Matthews. Their selfless dedication to helping interested aspirants with their Clumbers has been behind successes in recent years. With the exception of James Darley, these two experienced gundog handlers from OUTSIDE the Clumber community have radically altered breed prospects.

Picture 2.jpg

Others  now seriously looking at the breed are the key to the future. The Clumber Spaniel Gundog Club is unique in encouraging and appreciating that involvement. Our aim is to expand such expert input and get good dogs into new skilled hands.


Anything less is to waste those splendid working genes which have been coaxed to the surface of our dogs;

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