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Members can declare interest with Vicky Parker 07832 422891 or 80vickyparker@


Saturday 14th December 2024 

A unique new event. This is an independent Field Trial (not KC authorised) run precisely to KC J regulations. The advantage is that experienced qualified judges can help entrants during their runs, and 2 runs are guaranteed even if you are out. Get the benefits of a serious trialling environment with an experienced judge alongside and able to coach you. Groundbreaking help for those keen to improve their performance in KC trials



  • Greystoke Cumbria 2 days reserved for November 2024 dates tbc

  • Greystoke Cumbria 2 days reserved for December 2024 dates tbc

  • Wass Bank Nr Thirsk 23rd November 2024

  •  Wass Bank Nr Thirsk  January 2025 date tbc

Dogs should be usually steady to game. Places will be limited. Greystoke event from last season group picture below


A  summer event, date to be confirmed at Grosmont Nr Whitby. One day of basic working test training with experienced instructors who have had considerable sucess with Clumbers. Andrew Parker and Roy Ellershaw are simply the leading handlers and trainers in Clumbers. This event is always both fun and really valuable! 

Full day training groups meet about once a month. Check back for the next event. CSGC Members can contact the group leaders for more details
North Yorkshire Vicky Parker 07832 422891 or 80vickyparker@
Derbyshire John Smith-Bodden 01629 534555 or


Training and Club Test weekend 22nd and 23rd July 2023 -Magnificent days in unhelpful weather


· FIRST PLACE & TROPHY – Parkforth Rock and Roll (Elvis) o/h by Kate Hodgkinson-Rutherford

· SECOND PLACE – Sedgehurst Egton of Parkforth (Albert) o/h by Brian Rodgers

· THIRD PLACE - SH CH Zorrazo cheek by jowl with Chanderhill (Hali) o/h by Kate Hodgkinson-Rutherford


· FIRST PLACE & TROPHY- Twivorde Conspirator (Wallace) o/h by Lyn Doubleday

· SECOND PLACE- Seolfre Tanqueray (Mouse) o/h Carol Ridlington

· THIRD PLACE- Prized Nenya. (Nenya) o/h Lewis Cozens

Despite a backdrop of rain and more rain The Clumber Spaniel Gundog Club had a fabulous celebration of its first year. We can talk about rapidly rising membership numbers and the increasing profile of this new club all we like – but the real test is how are our members’ dogs doing? Over a well-attended weekend, we had the answer from the working test on Sunday.

Certainly, if we look at the quality of the Open Dogs entry, we see a huge advance of excellent dogs now available to ambitious handlers. Kate Hodgkinson-Rutherford led the way with a First from her Clumber, Elvis, and a Third with Spanish Water Dog Hali. Well deserved results for Kate who has set her own bar very high after a relatively short time handling. Second placed Brian Rodgers with the mighty Albert can be well pleased with a dog that has upped the hunting aspect of the breed – as his offspring will show in future years.

Novice dogs were headed by Lynn Doubleday with Wallis, a young dog who takes the eye and second place was taken by Carol Ridlington with his mother Mouse. It was pleasing to see 3rd Place recognition for Lewis Cozens with Nenya. Good prospects for the future here.

We were pleased that the format of a day’s training for tests, with a test on the following day was welcomed by members, everyone had something to take away into their own training. There will be more of these opportunities.

Huge thanks to Roy Ellershaw and Andrew Parker for training and constructive judging/advice to each of our handlers. The knockout evening meal was kindly provided by Vicky ably assisted by Debbie and all those who helped behind the scenes. You all helped to make a memorable day.

The Clumber Spaniel Gundog Club looks ahead with huge excitement, entering a period of high, targeted profile for superb working lines now being trained for excellence. The next steps for our all-important working lines are essential to the talented dogs we saw at this event.

Derbyshire Young Dogs Day 25th June 2023 - Promising Puppies delight!


Trainers Andy Parker and Roy Ellershaw were kept very busy in the CSGC training day yesterday at Cliff Farm Derbyshire, with special facility for pups and young dogs. The event was fully booked well before the event and some uncharacteristically hot Derbyshire weather did little to restrict attendance. Both trainers said they had seen some promising lines.

Shorter sessions with each dog, water stations throughout the ground and judicious use of shade combined with sensitive training took good care of the dogs. A lively lunch did the same for handlers!

Pups and young dogs were encouraged to get their noses down in a specially constructed area. With plentiful soft cover over frames the pups could gain confidence in their hunting and scenting in safety. A lot of scented cover in a small space produced an urgency in the pups to get their finds back to hand- and set tails wagging!

Everyone went away with gems picked up from a couple of trainers who have proven success with Clumbers, and who are now leading the cultivation of the next generation of work-bred Clumbers.

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