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CSGC Logo -the dog behind the bird

CSGC is grateful for the talents of Caro Dell of Working Line images and Nicola Gillyon in producing our Club Logo. Nicola amazingly drew the dog by hand … but now a few words about the dog behind the bird.

Many will recognise the Clumber as Rigg (Midori Diamond Huddlestone). Rigg, handled by Roy Ellershaw, left 15 trialling Springers wondering how he had made history by winning the Tyne Tees and Tweed AV Novice in December 2016.

An achievement not equalled in over 120 years; this forced the Kennel Club to allow Minority Breed spaniels to run in Open AV trials - clearing the way for MB spaniels to qualify for the Spaniel Championships.

Rigg went on to justify his entry to the new elite by success, gaining an award at Open AV before he retired 2 years later.  Very much a real-world working dog he built stamina and game sense on grouse moors and shoots along the way.

This remarkable dog is powered by the assets CSGC values most in its MB spaniels – trainability and desire to please. He is an ideal standard bearer for CSGC, a club with the passion to breed with intelligence and train for excellence.

In June 2024 again added to the breed’s quality by a typically efficient stud. Co-efficient of inbreeding is high and Rigg is a carrier for EIC. Negated by breeding only with clear bitches and subsequent puppy testing.

The current trend is towards little more than pet dogs ticking an ever-expanding health test lists. Rigg is a healthy strong dog still going well into old age.

CSGC is about developing and sustaining working ability. We will ensure that the likes of Rigg will be seen again.

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