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The Clumber Spaniel Gundog Club (CSGC) is specifically for those who enjoy training of Clumbers and other minority breed spaniels to advance their standing in the field. This is the singular aim of the Club We welcome interest from anyone who aspires to excellence in their gundog and relishes working their dog in the role for which it has been bred. The CSGC offers a friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable environment for accepted applicants whose focus is exclusively on training for the field and/or competition.


We are about training work-bred dogs to the absolute best of their, and the handler’s ability. That is all. CSGC has no interest in breed politics or factions distracting from working our dogs.


Whilst we appreciate the challenges of breed health issues these are amply covered by the breed club The Clumber Spaniel Club. Our social activity will be limited to the business of working and training our dogs.


We have the minimum of administration required to stay light on our feet. Our rulebook is thin and free of jargon, but our procedures and competitions will follow Kennel Club guidance. For those reasons we are styled as a GUNDOG club.



It is a well-documented story that the spaniels we now know as Clumbers

originated from Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. The breed was created to do a job on the local estates. Clumbers had a working purpose and they still have one today. That must be respected.



A radical change in opportunity for the working Clumber spaniel in competition was achieved in late 2016.Too many have viewed Roy Ellershaw's AV Novice win with Rigg, and subsequent award at Open level as an end in itself. CSGC says it is a beginning  that all our members are a part of



The Clumber Spaniel Gundog Club sees its esponsibility, to lead the way in continued improvement and ever higher expectations of Clumbers and other minority breed spaniels.

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